Road transportation

International cargo transportation between the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and the countries of the CIS.
  • Trucks with tilt-covered semi-trailers of 13.6 (92 m3);
  • Combination vehicles of 120 m3;
  • Container platforms for transportation of the following types of containers: 20′, 40’, 40’HC, 45’HC;
  • Refrigerated semi-trailers;
  • Specialized semi-trailers.

All vehicles comply with EURO 4/EURO 5 international standards.

The entire fleet is equipped with ADR sets for transportation of dangerous cargoes as well as GSM communications and GPS tracking systems.


World Class Transportation Service

We offer quality and reliable service with an emphasis on professional support of transportation at all stages:
  • Arrangement of container, carload and train shipments;
  • Search, providing and rental of various types of railway rolling stock;
  • Preparation of documents required for rail freight
  • Development of technical schemes of loading, securing of loads;
  • Information about the movement of goods along the route;
  • Guarding of cargo and cargo insurance;
  • Readdressing of cargo;
  • Station services and delivery of containers to the customer’s warehouse by trucks;
  • Assistance in customs clearance of cargo;
  • Arrangement of veterinary, phytosanitary inspection of goods;
  • Arrangement of certification services;
  • Consultations and legal support to the client.

Affordable Warehousing Service

Properly serviced brakes are essential to the safety of your vehicle.
  • sea transportation of more than 10,000 TEU containers per year
  • All kinds of services related to the handling of cargo in the ports of Riga, Klaipeda, Kotka, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok
  • Transportation with special equipment: tank-containers, refrigerated containers, container platforms.

Reliable Logistic Service

Air fares offered by our company are flexible and democratic; therefore many customers choose to cooperate with us on a permanent basis. Transportation is carried out in the shortest possible time.
  • flexible and affordable rates for the most popular transportation from China, South-East Asia and the USA to Russia and its regions, and in the opposite direction – via the airports of Russia and Europe
  • Best combined solutions “air + road transport”, allowing us to almost halve the freight and customs costs
  • Best combined solutions “air + road transport”, allowing us to almost halve the freight and customs costs
  • Goods handling at warehouse, high-quality packaging, inspection of cargo during transportation and other services during air transportation
  • Delivery of all types of cargo, including air transportation of oversized and dangerous cargoes
  • Great partner and agent network.

Why to choose us

Total area of warehouses is more than 15,000 m2. Warehouses are located in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands as well as consolidation hubs are located in Latvia. Consolidation warehouses are located in South-East Asia and the USA.
Short-term and long-term storage of excise goods and goods of all kinds of complexity at normal or heated warehouses. Primary packaging, labelling of goods. Storage of full and empty containers (capacity is 2,000 TEU, their inspection, repair and maintenance).